New to Yoga? 

(A letter from the founder, Paul Charalambous)

You don't have to be flexible to try yoga!

Yoga is not about the perfect body, the perfect pose or even about being flexible. There are, however, amazing by-products of training with Salt. The benefits of yoga can include decreased chronic pain, better endurance, increased range of motion and stamina. Yoga will leave you feeling energized, rested and more balanced.  Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your journey with Salt. 

If you are trying yoga for the first time, we have the perfect option for you - a 6 week beginner yoga course with access to 48 classes over 6 weeks, at convenient class times to suit you. More information is available on our dedicated course booking site.

Ready to feel better in your body?

What to Expect from Your First Yoga Classes at Salt Power


Our classes welcome all levels, ages and body types, even if you are working with an injury. Our skilled instructors work with you to ensure you get the most out of class. Yoga is an effective way to take care of your body and your mind. You'll learn to move mindfully, developing strength, balance and cultivating more flexibility. You are encouraged to move at your own pace, and pay attention to your breath – the total effect is energized relaxation, a sense of peace and focus.

What is Savasana?

Every class end with a few minutes of rest. This is where you integrate all that you did into class, and unwind for a moment. Feel free to close your eyes and simply relax. Your yoga teacher will verbally guide you out of savasana and into your day!

What to Wear?


Wear clothes that allow for a full range of motion, that you feel comfortable sweating in. 

Use Props!

Blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters are all there to enhance your experience. Use blocks under you hands to help with balance and flexibility. Straps can help you reach your feet, and access a new range of motion. Bolsters are there to help you feel supported and allow for deeper relaxation. Experiment, you deserve to feel comfortable!

Start with a solid foundatioN: The Yoga Mat!

Your mat sets the foundation for your practice. We have high quality studio mats for your use and convenience. We also encourage you to purchase a mat that's right for you, so that you’re practice continues outside of the studio. We have free mat storage and mats available for purchase.


Paul (and Suzie, the woman behind all of everything) I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for the space you create at Salt. (It's not even my gratitude day lol!) As you know I've had quite a lot of experience with yoga instructors and your class on Wednesday was inspiring. So much so that you are up there with the best and I've experienced instructors from all over the world. Thank you. Namaste. One day you talked about salt...and gave your definition...for's the salt of the earth.
- Tamara, Salt Power Yogi


Open Mind, Open Heart: Try Everything!


We have 8 different teachers, all teaching from different disciplines, backgrounds and experiences. Try out all of the classes, find teachers or styles that resonate with your Sankalpa. Each class uses a different method of learning. Beginners and Foundation classes build your yoga practice from the ground up. Use the different classes to find balance (i.e. the slower, deeper Yin classes are a perfect way to balance out the more energetic Power classes). 

Beginners are welcome in every class! 

Our teachers are skilled and experienced to offer modifications for all experience levels and will keep even the most advanced yogi engaged. Don’t forget to introduce yourself to our teachers and let them know your yoga history.

Yoga & Community

Your time here at Salt Power will give you back 100x your membership price. The effects of a steady yoga practice are cumulative, and the benefits are measurable. We encourage you to participate in our community events, workshops, master classes, teacher trainings and community classes. Members get a 10% discount on events and workshops. We are all learning, growing and contributing together. A life worth living is a life fulfilled.

We practice Karma Yoga in the sense that the compassion and gratitude we cultivate through yoga is spread to our friends, our loved ones, our communities and the numerous charities that we support.


Believe in Yourself

If at any time in your first month you decide Salt Power Yoga is not for you, you can ask for a full refund. If you have any questions, would like to discuss yoga or would just like to chat, don’t hesitate to call me on my personal mobile 0416656637


Above all...enjoy Yourself!

Namaste (the eternal light in me, bows to the eternal light in you)
Paul Charalambous
Founder, Salt Power Yoga


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Yoga has helped me get my priorities straight and truly, truly enjoy life. I enjoy sitting with my kids, I enjoy my life now. It’s taken the striving out of my life (always looking for the best). It’s kind of like having a faith, there’s a realization that there’s something bigger there and it’s a part of me now. (Yoga has) strengthened my mind and come from more a place of love and kindness. (I've) changed focus to actually listen rather than thinking about what to say less.
- Jess, Salt Power Yogi


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